The manner of the review is free form. Reviewers are encouraged to provide comments of any form and can also make use of the sample referee sheet and guidelines provided for Authors, Reviewers, and the Journal's Policy, respectively. Reviewers shall send the comments to you within a three-week period.

After receiving all the reviews, it is the Editor-in-Charge (EIC)'s responsibility to collate all comments by the reviewers. The EIC may decide to accept the manuscript and inform the Corresponding Author (CA) if no revisions are needed, request the CA to respond point-by-point if minor revisions are needed, or reject the manuscript and inform the CA with the collated comments if major revisions are needed.

If revisions are needed, the CA should respond in a separate letter indicating how the manuscript was revised (or not) in response to each comment of the reviewers.

After revisions are incorporated, the EIC may decide to reject or accept the manuscript for publication. The EIC may then inform the CA of the final decision.


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