VOLUME 14 NUMBER 1 (January to June 2021)

PSL%202021 vol14-no01-p12-28-Mikita%20and%20Padlan

Philipp. Sci. Lett. 2021 14 (1) 12-28
available online: January 31, 2021

*Corresponding author
Email Address: eduardo.padlan@gmail.com
Date received: October 22, 2020
Date revised: January 25, 2021
Date accepted: January 31, 2021


Design of possibly universal vaccines against seasonal influenza

Cecilia P. Mikita1 and Eduardo A. Padlan*2

1Walter Reed National Military Medical Center,
      Department of Medicine
      Allergy/Immunology/Immunizations Service,
      4954 North Palmer Road, Bethesda, MD 20889-5600, USA
24006 Simms Drive, Kensington, MD 20895-1336, USA
The design of possibly universal vaccines against seasonal influenza is proposed. The vaccines are based on the hemagglutinin glycoprotein and are designed to focus the immune response to the cleavage site of the molecule. The chemical reactivity of the variable regions is reduced (de-Antigenized) by judicious amino acid replacements. Structurally important regions are preserved. The proposed vaccines make no distinction between trivalent and quadrivalent seasonal vaccines.

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