Below are short descriptions of manuscripts which may be submitted to SciEnggJ for publication:

1. Research Article - original piece of documented study demonstrating quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods research which offers substantial contribution to specific fields

2. Solicited Review - assessment, appraisal, and evaluation of scholarly documents whose submission were requested by members of the PAASE

3. Commentary - original piece of explanatory or critical notes arising from recent events which have significant impact on the scientific community

4. Perspectives & Prospectives - speculative, visionary and forward-looking short reviews of the current state of R&D (e.g. models, ideas, experimental approaches, etc). They have similar structure and length as review articles. This type of manuscript covers new and possible areas of research for future consideration. The discussions represent a personal perspective on the matter.

5. Position Paper - presents an arguable opinion regarding a certain issue/topic in the form of an essay

6. Popular Science Article - original piece of writing which brings scientific discourse to the public

7. Feature - focuses on noteworthy experts in the scientific community, their lives and contributions; may also focus on game-changing events and their impact on the world

8. News Reports - focuses on current events but written with a more neutral, non-partisan, apolitical tone 

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