Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

General Guide 
SciEnggJ will publish scientifically significant papers concerning the Natural, Physical, Mathematical and Social Sciences, including those related to Agriculture, Education, Engineering, Health and Environmental Issues, and Technology. It is assumed that a submitted manuscript is original and has not been published before, nor is being submitted partly or wholly in any other journal. It is further assumed that no part of the manuscript has been plagiarized, nor quoted without proper attribution. It is also assumed that the analyses and conclusions are not based on fraudulent data. Complete and appropriate referencing and attribution to the work of others, including to one's previous work, are expected. All submitted manuscripts will be subjected to review by experts.

Information regarding the appropriate and applicable government permits and other legal requirements obtained to conduct human, indigenous peoples, animal, and biodiversity studies must be specified.

Authors' responsibilities:
All manuscripts are expected to include a complete list of references. It is assumed that all authors have significantly contributed to the research. A formal statement on the authenticity of all the data presented in the article and of the procedures used is required. A declaration of all financial support and conflicts of interest is also required. Should any mistakes be detected after the submission of the manuscript, the authors are expected to immediately notify the Editors. Serious anomalies in the data, or analyses, that invalidate the paper's conclusions should lead to a voluntary retraction from the authors. In the event of any allegations of ethical misconduct by authors, the editors may initiate an investigation to decide on appropriate actions. It is understood that all authors have read the Ethics policy of SciEnggJ.

Reviewers' responsibilities:
It is expected that all comments, criticisms, and judgments are objective. All manuscripts being reviewed should be treated with strict confidentiality. Reviewers are expected not to have any conflict of interest with respect to the research, the authors and/or the research funders. Knowledge of work by the authors or by others that duplicate the submission, or which are relevant but had not been cited, should be pointed out to the Editors.

Editorial responsibilities:
The Editor in charge of a submission will have complete responsibility and authority to reject or accept the submission. When accepting responsibility for a submission, it is assumed that the Editor has no conflict of interest with respect to the subject matter of the article, nor with the authors or the research funders. When accepting a submission, the Editor attests to its validity and scientific significance. Editors should be alert to errors and, especially, to fraud and in such cases should recommend rejection. Since anonymity could lead to abuse, SciEnggJ advocates transparency in the review process and encourages reviewers to allow themselves to be identified in the published paper. However, reviewers who wish to remain anonymous will not be identified. Moreover, if one of the reviewers wishes to remain anonymous, none will be identified.

Publishing ethics issues:
SciEnggJ will do its best to maintain the integrity of the academic record and scientific publishing. The members of the Editorial Board will be regularly reminded of the publication ethics to which SciEnggJ subscribes. Safeguards will be taken to ensure that no fraudulent data or plagiarized material will be published. There will be no hesitation to publish corrections, clarifications, retractions, or apologies when needed. SciEnggJ is not a business enterprise and publication in the journal is free and all articles are freely available to everyone, so that business interest will not conflict with its intellectual and ethical standards.

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