VOLUME 15 NUMBER 2 (July to December 2022)

SciEnggJ. 2022 15 (2) 108-110
available online: October 26, 2022

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Light it up, twice the frequency!

by Imee Su Martinez

When light interacts with matter, it senses a gathering of electrons drawn by atomic nuclei. Its movement slows or hastens, depending on how dense and crowded the assembly is. It blazes through them, perturbing them to excitement! As these electrons transition from one energy state to another, and as they change speed and direction, they chirp! Trilling electromagnetic waves, that once again materialize into light! As if commanded, “Let there be light!”, and from one wavelength forms another–a different light of a different wavenumber. A reminder it seems, that light begets light, and illumination begets enlightenment, even brilliance…

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