VOLUME 15 (Supplement)

SciEnggJ 15 (Supplement) 029-033
available online: December 31, 2022

*Corresponding author
Email address: jpmalinit@uerm.edu.ph
Date received: March 10, 2022
Date revised: July 06, 2022
Date accepted: October 03, 2022


Linguistic validation of Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale in Filipino

Jose Ronilo G. Juangco1, Jennifer M. Nailes2, Joy P. Malinit*3, and and Joey Joline M. Nailes1

1College of Medicine, University of the East
      Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc.,
      Quezon City 1113, Philippines
2Research Institute for Health Science, University of the East
      Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Inc.,
      Quezon City 1113, Philippines
3Department of Psychiatry, University of the East
      Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital, Quezon City 1113, Philippines

Mindfulness refers to a receptive attention to and awareness of present events and experience. This study provides a validated Filipino translation of the Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale (MAAS) that can be used by other researchers in the Philippines to assess dispositional mindfulness. This is a linguistic validation study utilizing the standards of the Principles of Good Practice for Linguistic and Cultural Validation. The translated questionnaire garnered a perfect Scale Validity Content Index (SCVI) average of 1.0 for relevance and appropriateness, and a very high SCVI average of 0.994 and 0.976 for representativeness and clarity, respectively. The Item Content Validity Index (ICVI) scores ranged from 0.91 – 1.00. Both item comprehension and clarity scale ranged from 0.81 – 1.00. They were still above the cut off of 0.80. The average comprehension index was 0.90 while the average clarity index was 0.86. The Cronbach’s alpha ranged from 0.83 – 0.85 with no item lower than 0.70. The overall Cronbach’s alpha score was 0.85. The Filipino translation of the MAAS had a high validity and reliability score indicating that it can be a valid and reliable armamentarium for researchers who would want to measure dispositional mindfulness.

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